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The MoleCheck Consultation

Every client has individual needs and the consultation is tailored to meet those needs. A typical consultation would follow the pattern outlined below.
Stage 1
Certain factors make us more, or less, at risk of developing skin cancer such as - ethnic origin, family history etc.
So the initial stage of the consultation will be used to ascertain the client´s personal risk factor.

Molecheck Consultation
Stage 2
As with all cancers, ‘prevention is better than cure’, so every MoleCheck consultation will involve an assessment of the client´s understanding of how to stay safe in the sun. The relevant safety information will be given to the client on a 1 to 1 basis in the clinic and also in a form that the client can refer to at a later stage.
Molecheck Consultation
Stage 3
This stage is phase 1 of the screening process which involves examination of all the client´s moles or lesions. (The buttocks, genital area and breasts are not routinely examined, however, should you have moles in these areas you can bring them to the dermoscopist’s attention).

Molecheck Consultation

The dermoscopist will look closely at each mole and then visualize them with a dermoscope. This is a device which uses polarised light, allowing the dermoscopist to see the structures under the surface layers of the skin. With these two examinations the dermoscopist will be able to spot abnormalities even in very small moles. As a result, this screening process may often avoid the unnecessary removal of perfectly normal moles.

For most clients this will be the end of the consultation, if no abnormalities are detected. The client will receive an examination report and, with permission, a copy will be sent to their GP. Advice will also be given on the frequency of future re-screening sessions, based on the client´s personal risk factors.
Stage 4
For those clients with abnormalities detected in stage 3, the abnormal moles are scanned using advanced technology in the form of the microDERM® digital dermoscopy system which will give a detailed, computerised, image and analysis of the mole. The client will then be referred to a dermatologist of their choice or one recommended by

Molecheck Consultation
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