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Everyone loves the sunshine; after all, that is why many of us moved to southern Spain. However, as we know, the sun can be dangerous.

MoleCheck's motto is……. ´Stay   S A F E    in the sun

Stay in the shade between 11am and 4 pm
Always cover up...wear a broad brimmed hat, loose clothing and a    good sunscreen (preferably SPF 30, but a minimum of SPF 15)
Fake it...if you must have a tan, make it a fake one
Early years...take special care with babies and children

Early detection

As most of us will already have sun damage it is important that we get to know our own skin, what our moles look like and where they are. Only half of the melanomas that occur arise in existing moles so it is important to also be aware of new moles. MoleCheck recommends that you;

- check your skin closely once every 3 months. Any more often than this and you wouldn´t be able to see any subtle changes if, for example, you were to look every week. When checking your moles, ask your partner or a friend to examine those you cannot see for any changes in;

     • Size
     • Shape
     • Colour

- have a regular dermoscopic examination of your moles. This will usually mean once a year unless you are at particular risk of melanoma. How often you need a MoleCheck consultation will be determined on your first visit.

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