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• What is special about MoleCheck?

MoleCheck is the only clinic on the Costa del Sol dedicated to skin cancer screening. The unique MoleCheck examination uses a technique called dermoscopy to examine your moles and a computerised system which aids the diagnosis of early skin cancers.

Can my GP do the same thing?

Your GP could do a visual examination of your moles. However it is unlikely that GPs would have the specialist dermoscopic equipment needed for this type of detailed examination. Many studies have illustrated that an examination using this specialised technique is much more accurate at spotting early melanomas.

Does my GP get a report of the consultation?

Yes, you receive a personal report and, with your permission, your GP will be given a copy of this report.

Does the examination hurt in any way?

No, the examination is completely painless.    

Is the process embarrassing, which parts of the body are examined?

Routinely the scalp, breasts, buttocks and genital area are not examined. Clients are asked to check these areas themselves and bring them to the attention of the dermoscopist if moles are present. A female member of staff is always available to be present in the dermoscopy suite during the examination, if required.

Is any treatment given during the MoleCheck consultation?

No, the consultation is purely a screening technique in a similar way to a mammogram, for example. We will of course refer you to an appropriate health care professional, should any abnormalities be found.

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